U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group

Company Description

As a long-term member of the Ohio Trucking Association [OTA], we understand OTA members have many choices when it comes to benefits consulting and we have worked very hard to create a proprietary benefit offering specifically designed for OTA members. Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between employee benefit satisfaction and employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. We take a unique approach to developing the perfect benefit solution for each OTA member and most importantly for your employees.


 Please call Michael Franks 800.868.6549 or email mfranks@usebsg.com


Why U.S. Employee Benefits Service?

  • Innovative Employee Benefit Plan Design & Consulting
  • Paperless Enrollment Systems – No Cost
  • Stay current on compliance with ERISA/ACA Requirements
  • Zero consult telemedicine program...keep your employees on the road!
  • College Tuition Plans & Student Loan Reduction Plans
  • Short & Long-term Disability Plans
  • Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits
  • Pre-Tax Tool & Clothing Reimbursement Plans
  • Identity Theft & CDL Legal Plans
  • Employee Personal Financial Wellness
  • 401k Retirement Plans
  • Finally win the talent war with a benefit package that works!


Business Services

  • Medical Services
  • Payroll Services


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  • Insurance